About Us…

About Us

Accurate Telecom, Inc. in Clearwater, Florida, has more than 20 years of experience servicing telecommunications systems. When you contact us, we take complete responsibility in providing you with a total turnkey communication solution within your budget. Through our entrepreneurial culture and can-do attitude, we can complete each and every project on a timely basis.

IT Support and Infrastructure

Most telecommunication systems today are PC-based. To prevent shutting down due to a server crash, in-house communication networks are spending more and more time and money finding ways to maintain operational status when disasters strike. As communication networks and software become more sophisticated, we realize how hard it is to operate without them. IT infrastructure is no longer just an advantage to keep you ahead of your competition. It is an integral part of running your business and why companies nationwide are spending more than a billion dollars in IT support.

Your Solution

For smaller companies without the same capital as larger corporations, you can outsource your IT support. By contacting us, we can place trained staff at your facility to help design, build, and maintain your small- to medium-sized network at a reasonable price that won't break your business's budget.

Local Service

From large project rollouts and logistic capabilities to regular installation and service activity, we pride ourselves on our excellent service. We can develop a strategic approach and a logical plan for all situations that might arise during your specific project. When you request a new or improved system, the rollout will be completely seamless because we manage all of our technicians and the installation progress from our state-of-the-art dispatch center. By utilizing the latest technology, we can see a problem before it happens and take whatever corrective action is necessary.

Networking Solution

While you run your business, let us take care of your communications network. Our staff is ready to put our years of networking experience to work for you. We provide you with a plan to deploy your communications network while also being prepared to implement a disaster recovery plan to get you back online in the event of a major catastrophic failure. No matter what you need, we'll take care of it for you.